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Holmes Beach Massage by Melissa Ulanch

I am a licenced massage therapist and Florida's first and only Neural Reset Therapist. This is a state of the art pain relief modality that is pain-free, uses no oils or lotions, can be done over clothing, and provides lasting relief.

I specialize in real and lasting pain relief from stress, illness and injury through highly customized treatment plans that include several bodywork modalities. I have been ridding people of migraines, easing fibromyalgia pain, neck and back pain, elevating muscle spasms faster than regular treatments with better results, chronic pain, plantar fasciitis, and more.

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Thirty years ago I was hit by a car walking home from school. My injuries were minor fractures and head trauma. No therapy was offered to a victim that could walk out of the hospital. Then compile years of sports and physical activity on top. Fast forward 16 yrs, I was hit head-on by a drunk driver on a beautiful Sunday evening. I walked away from that accident with minor burns to face and neck from the airbag. By that following Thursday I was unable to stand straight up. I then fell victim to the Physical therapy scam that so many others were victims of. So many like myself have been left with, having to push through, and make it by, trying ignore the pain and growing stiffness.

As, the years passed and the money wasted on therapy that never worked or didn't last my frustrations with our system grew. I have watched many wonderful people become addicted to dangerous painkillers and still have no relief, only to be shunned and ignored by the healthcare community.

Fed up, in pain, no answers, and no clue where to even look is where my journey really began. I became a therapist in June of 2014 and that is where all of my years of disappointment and frustration finally made sense. This is also when I realized I had been in training all along. I started studying Neural Reset Therapy (NRT) Ralph Stevens and founder of NRT Lawrence Woods straight out of school. That is when the world opened up and brought me to several of the amazing techniques and modalities that I have mastered. NRT changed my life and I hope that you will feel the difference one reset at a time.

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I promise to treat you with the utmost kindness and compassion using all of my gathered skills and expertise to rid you of your pain.


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